ACT Leadership’s Team Coaching Certification Program

ACT Leadership, a recognized name in coaching and leadership development, is offering an innovative program aimed at empowering teams and their leaders to optimize performance – the Team Coaching Certification Program. Through their strategic partnership with The Brown School of Professional Studies, ACT Leadership has created an enriching coaching approach that promotes sustainable and transformative change for teams and organizations.

Empowering Teams, Driving Results

The Team Coaching Program by ACT Leadership is primarily designed to develop teams’ capability to navigate contemporary business challenges effectively. Through their creative approach, teams learn to switch from reactive to creative behavior. This transition enhances team relationships and helps them achieve their desired results. The program emphasizes moving beyond individual coaching and focuses on cultivating the team as a coherent unit. This strategic shift is increasingly vital as organizations globally have realized the paramount importance of team development for driving outcomes.

A Simple, Creative, and Effective Approach

ACT Leadership has designed its Team Coaching Program to be effective, yet simple and creative. They leverage their reputed coaching methods that have proven beneficial in aiding individuals, teams, and organizations to instigate changes that stick. The program is approved for the Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching, leading to the prestigious Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). This certification provides a significant competitive advantage for team coaches and showcases their commitment to mastering their craft.

Program Structure and Audience

The robust program is a mix of virtual and in-person training spread over three months. It comprises two modules, each spanning three days, interspersed with a practical field application project. This format ensures the application of learned competencies, mirroring real-world challenges, thus honing the necessary skills. The program is primarily aimed at coaches with prior experience in 1:1 coaching and working with teams. Participants are usually responsible for leading or facilitating teams and look forward to upgrading their individual coaching skills to team coaching.

Increasing Team Efficiency in Meetings

ACT Leadership’s program helps address a critical area of concern in today’s corporate culture – team meetings. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, substantial work hours are wasted in meetings, with 37% of our time being spent in them and a stunning 25-50% of meeting time adding no value. By focusing on the very principles of team effectiveness, this program aims to combat such productivity pitfalls.


ACT Leadership’s Team Coaching Program is an invaluable asset for aspiring team coaches. By ensuring a shift from individual coaching to a team-centered approach, it provides coaches with the toolkit for enhancing team performance and efficiency. As teams’ importance is continually underscored in the dynamic business landscape, enrolling in such a certification program is a strategically sound step for coaches and for organizations aiming to drive maximum results. Inspiring creativity, fostering relationships, and producing sustainable change, the Team Coaching Program sets a new paradigm for team coaching and leadership.

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