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    Male Dog Name – How to Make the Right Choice

    Salute to all happy owners of “Man’s best friend” and new member of your family or in other words dog and to those who are going to have a dog. Here are some useful tips for you to know before you choose a dog. First don’t follow the fashion and don’t take a dog if you know about this particular breed practically nothing. Think whether you want a puppy or the oldest dog. Remember your choice should be well-considered.

    Now let’s go back to those happy newly-made dog owners. Since you took a dog you have lots of pleasant things to do in order to care about your pet. It’s easy to imagine how many thoughts and plans you have in your mind now but wait! Have you already decided which male dog name you are going to give to your pet? If your answer is “no”, you’d better think properly on this matter.

    In case you think that giving a name is not the thing of first importance, than imagine the next situation. Your child is born and now you simply choose the name that first comes into your mind or like how it sounds. If you don’t know the meaning of the name, it can turn out to be catastrophe for your child no matter whether it just grows up or begins to live an adult life.

    Choose your male dog name taking into consideration its breed and origin, sex, size, color and personality. Remember that you pet can play a significant role in your or your family life. Before you read lists of hundreds of male dog names and get confused find out as much as possible about your dog’s breed, typical characteristics and behavior.


    Since dogs are domesticated people give them acute, extraordinary male dog names and unique dog names. For example Egyptian: Antelope, Brave One, Good Guardian.


    Color also was one of the most important moments which played decisive role in choosing male dog name, for example, Blacky, Snowball. If he has spots why not give him a name from 101 Dalmatians. You can find a list of all 101 Dalmatians puppy names on internet.


    In case the master wanted to stress his male dog personality such names as Aegis, which means defense (your dog is your true protector), Maverick (the one who doesn’t follow any rules).

    Sometimes when there were several dogs in a family they were given such names as “second”, “third” and so on.

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    Guinea Pig Feeding The Correct Way

    Guinea pigs are one of the most popular household pets, next to dogs and cats. These fluffy little creatures require very little care and take up hardly any space. Given proper care and nutrition, they can live for many years and we can form quite an attachment to them. A proper diet that mimics their natural diet as closely as possible is the best way to insure that your pet guinea pig lives out all his years in good health.

    In nature, guinea pigs eat food that is extremely high in fiber. This fiber is essential to the proper workings of a guinea pig’s intestines and digestive system. They require both fiber that is indigestible, that helps move the digestive process along as well as digestible fiber for nutrition. The proportions should be near equal in ratio, so it’s important to feed the guinea pig the right mix of the two foods in order to avoid problems.

    The best and easiest way to ensure that your pet is getting the proper nutrition is to feed them a high quality pellet specifically designed for guinea pigs. These animals cannot produce their own vitamin C and therefore they require supplements. Specifically designed guinea pig food allows for this through supplementation. These pellets are a mix of a wide variety of plants, seeds and vegetables.

    The pellets alone provide satisfactory nutrition, but you are free to spice up the diet with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.. Carrots, lettuce and broccoli are good choices and help provide additional nutrition as well as variety. Guinea pigs can eat almost any vegetable so don’t be afraid to experiment with different things. Fruits are also a welcome treat for guinea pigs.

    Strawberries, melon and apples are some of their favorites. But first consult with your veterinarian and check are apples safe for guinea pigs. Some form of hard to chew food should be given since the pigs need to grind down their constantly growing teeth. A fresh supply of hay will help with this, round out the diet and keep the animal healthy. Uneaten food should be removed from the cage before it begins to decompose and become a health risk.

    Processed human foods should be avoided. Even cereals that are mostly grain contain fillers and sugar which will not be good for the animal. Just like humans, guinea pigs will quickly develop an affinity for these types of junk foods and will forego eating the healthy food they are given.

    Last of all, fresh drinking water should always be on hand. A high fiber diet requires a lot of water to digest. Follow these healthy diet tips and enjoy your guinea pig’s company for many years.