Finding Student Housing

Finding student housing is surprisingly difficult. Here are some tips:

Look at the classifieds in your local newspaper, or on Craigslist (if you can find it). Call and ask about available rooms for rent, stating that you’re a student (you probably won’t have to say anything else). This will get you started; if possible, pay a visit to the residence before signing up for it.

Talk to other students at your school who have already found places; request advice from them as well. If they know someone who’s looking for roommates, ask them if they can put your name forward!

Look up houses/apartments for rent on Student Accommodation online portals. These websites are very useful because many landlords specifically advertise their properties there.

What To Look For In Student Accommodation?

When looking for a student room for rent or a student house for rent, it’s important to consider the location of the property. You may have an idea of what area you want to live in, and that’s fine! However, you might find that when searching through properties yourself, there aren’t many options in your preferred area.

The next thing to consider is how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are in each property. This depends on how many people will be living there with you (i.e., two rooms per person) but also on how much space each room has available for furniture and other items, for example, if there isn’t enough room for a double bed then perhaps it’s best not be considered as suitable accommodation!

Then think about whether any appliances like washing machines or fridges come with the house itself; sometimes they do but sometimes they don’t, this will depend entirely on what type of tenancy agreement has been agreed upon between landlord/landlady and tenant/tenants before moving into their new home together.

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