Home Solar Panels Cost

If you are thinking about solar energy, you should know that home solar panels will save you tons of money on your electrical bill every month of the year. Home solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and are made out of photovoltaic cells also known as modules. The sunlight that is converted into electricity by home solar panels can be used to power appliances in your home. The PV cells are in clusters that are connected to each other in a frame or panel.

Home Solar Panels

Having a home solar system is just about every home owner’s dream. Home solar panels can enable you to say goodbye to expensive monthly power bills. A solar system can be completed and installed on your home in a matter of days. Home solar panels can be built by the home owner using simple, yet detailed, step-by-step guides that you can find on the internet or when you purchase a home solar kit.

Home Solar Panels and the Environment

When you have home solar panels installed you will be helping the environment because you will be reducing the amounts of carbon dioxide that would normally be released when using fossil fuels to heat your water and run your home appliances. Home solar panels can power up refrigerators, television sets, washers and dryers, computers, etc. You will continuously have a source of free energy by using the power of the sun. This is solar power and it can cut down your electrical costs by about 80%.

How Home Solar Panels Work?

A special semi-conducting material such as silicon is used in the PV cells of most home solar panels these days. The silicon absorbs sunlight into it. When sunlight is absorbed, electrons are set free. These electrons begin to flow into a current. The current is then drawn out by metal contacts that are placed on the top and bottom of the PV cells. The power can then be externally used to power up appliance in the home. To learn more about how home solar panels work you can read this article.

Home Solar Panels Installation

Home solar panels are installed on various types of rooftops. They are either tilted or flush mounted. Some home owners wait to have home solar panels mounted on their roof top until they are having a new roof installed. This way they can have flashing installed as well as having it flush mounted. However, if you want to install a home solar panel over an existing roof you can tightly secure it to the roof by using stainless steel lag bolts that tie it to the rafters. Having your home solar panels properly secured is very important to the longevity of you panels.

Home Solar Panels Price

If you want to purchase home solar panels that have already been built and are for sale to the public, you can expect to pay about $100-$300 for per seventy watt panel, $200-$370 for eighty watt, $350-$520 for 115 watt and up to the cost of $500-$700 for 165 watt solar home panels. The number of home solar panels you need will depend on how much solar electricity you want to have available for your home.

Benefits Of Solar Power

When the sunlight hits your home solar panels, it will be converted into DC power. Once the sunlight is converted into this power and it will be stored for later use. Your utility company may even purchase back the extra electricity that your home solar panels produce. When you are away on vacation you can take advantage of opportunity to have the power company buy back all of that energy your home solar panels will be producing since while on vacation you and your family will not be home to use the power anyway.

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