Blythe Dolls Popularity

Blythe dolls are incredibly popular collectibles for doll enthusiasts all over the world. But what makes these plastic-faced ladies so special? For starters, their enormous eyes and other anime-inspired features give them a unique look that is both cute and compelling.

Blythe dolls have been increasing in popularity due to their ability to be customized. One popular customization is changing the hair. Blythe dolls come with factory-styled synthetic wig, however many people prefer to change the wig to better match their desired style. While changing the wig may seem daunting, it is actually relatively easy and only requires a few materials.

And with removable wigs, changeable clothes, and customizable features, Blythe dolls are also highly versatile – meaning you can create endless different looks to suit your personal style (or the style of your collection).

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