Choosing the Right Balcony Doors in Estonia

Balcony doors, or terrace doors as some might refer to it, are a vital component in a home or office. They do not just serve as a pathway to your external environment but play a significant role in the aesthetic appeal, as well as the efficiency of your living or working space. In Estonia, there is a wide variety of these doors made from different materials and designed in different styles to meet the architectural demands of every building. Let’s discuss how to make the right choice.

Assess Your Needs

The first step in choosing the right balcony doors is understanding your unique requirements. Balcony doors, particularly in Estonia where Puitaknad creates bespoke designs, can either open inwards or outwards. This choice depends on your preference or the available space around the door location.

Another critical factor to consider is the frequency of usage, as it will influence the door’s durability and lock systems.

Lastly, contemplate whether you would prefer double- or triple-glazed glass panels. The more the glazing layers, the better the insulation, although this might come at a higher cost.


In Estonia, one popular option provided by the likes of Puitaknad is wood and aluminum doors.

Wooden balcony doors are preferred for their aesthetic appeal and customization options. You can choose from different varieties of glass types and colors depending on your tastes and building’s architectural design.

On the other hand, wood-aluminum balcony doors come with the added advantage of a longer lifespan. Aluminum hoards vast resistance to wear and tear on account of weather and consistent use, balancing the high initial cost with longevity.


The design of the balcony door should not only conform to the aesthetics of your building but also determine the ease of usage. Sliding doors are a common choice for many – they offer the convenience of not eating up space when opened. These sliding doors are available in both wooden and wood-aluminum options.

The triple-glazed glass panel variant is an outstanding feature of the sliding doors, offering robust insulation against the harsh winter weather typical to Estonia.

Support Services

When choosing the right terrassiuksed, consider the provider that offers comprehensive services. From giving advice on the dimensions of the balcony door space, to uninstalling existing doors, to the installation of the new ones, and even transportation services – these are critical factors that might ease the entire process for you.

Puitaknad, being the official representative of Viljandi Aken and Uks, ensures that their high-quality Scandinavian valued terrace doors come with all-of-the-above perks plus necessary fittings like counter frames, locks, and handles.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right balcony doors is no little task to dismiss. It should be meticulously planned taking into account aesthetic balance, durability, insulation, and comfort. Companies like Puitaknad in Estonia make this decision easier, thanks to their extensive selection and professional services.

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