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Game And Sleep in Style

In an evolving world where technology and lifestyle blend seamlessly together, the way we game has fundamentally transformed as well. A new trend that is transforming the traditional gaming set-up is integrating it with the most comfortable part of our homes — our beds. Cosybunks has created two innovative products, the Urban Grey PC Gaming Highsleeper and Noah Gaming Highsleeper.

Bringing Sophistication and Modernity

Cosybunks’ gaming bed isn’t just any ordinary place to rest and play; it’s a manifestation of a modern lifestyle, a symbol of contemporary design and thoughtful engineering. The Urban Grey PC Gaming Highsleeper, with its chic grey color scheme and minimalist design elements, accentuates the aesthetics of any room. It’s a surefire way to add a refreshing, modern look to your gaming corner that sits elegantly with your living space, increasing the visual appeal tenfold.

Unique Gaming Experience

The bed isn’t merely for sleeping; it functions as an all-in-one gaming station, equipped with accommodations for your PC and gaming essentials at an arm’s length. Perfectly placed and organized to optimize your overall gaming experience, this gaming bed aims to facilitate non-stop gaming marathons with unparalleled ease.

Compact and Functional

The Urban Grey PC Gaming Highsleeper is designed to make the best use of your floor space. The highsleeper hosts your gaming setup under the cosy loft bed, transforming the room into a multifunctional gaming area, regardless of room size. It matures the idea that impressive gaming setups require massive room space – thanks to the intelligent compact design of this urban gaming bed.

Comfort at its Peak

Cosybunks ensures that gamers can have a restful sleep after hours of gaming, and the Urban Grey PC Gaming Highsleeper is no exception. With its comfortable and supportive mattress placement on a high loft, it ensures a good night’s sleep like no other, once you’re done conquering the virtual gaming landscapes.

Combine Comfort and Fun with Noah Gaming Highsleeper

For those who covet a perfect blend of relaxation and gaming fun, Cosybunks offers the Noah Gaming Highsleeper. Uniquely designed for dedicated gamers, this functional and stylish bed integrates comfort, utility, and design in a fascinating manner. What sets it apart is its dedicated gaming space, comfortable laying area, and a slick design.

Why Choose Noah Gaming Highsleeper?

The Noah Gaming Highsleeper is a perfect marriage of elegance and convenience. It provides all that a gaming enthusiast looks for – a dedicated gaming space hosting a suite of gaming technology, ample comfort for recuperation, and a chic design enhancing the overall ambiance of your room. It’s not just a bed, it’s a complete gaming station.

All Cosybunks gaming beds are designed in a way that they can be used as both a bed and a gaming station. They are the perfect solution for all gamers who want to enjoy their passion in comfort and style, without sacrificing any space.


In a nutshell, both the Urban Grey PC Gaming Highsleeper and Noah Gaming Highsleeper from Cosybunks bring a much-needed transformation in the gaming world. The combo of ultimate comfort & convenience with aesthetic appeal will surely redefine your gaming experience. So get ready to game and sleep in style.

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