Roof Repairs

Roof repairs may be necessary to extend the life of the roof. An aging roof may have damaged, broken, leaked or worn off tiles, which if left unattended or un-repaired for a long time then it can cause serious damage to the house.

Water can get through the broken or leaked roof and get to ceilings and walls inside the house, which is not only risky but also can cause serious damage to the house. Water leaking through the roof can come in contact with electrical wires in the attic and can become hazardous without the correct maintenance. So, maintaining or repairing a roof may be necessary if a roof is not in a good condition.

When 40% of the external surface of a house if covered by roof, it’s a no brainer that it’s one of the important elements of the house. So it is important to look after a roof as much as the inside areas of the house.

Can Roof Repairs Extend The Life of The Roof?

Absolutely! If a roof is regularly maintained or repaired then the roof will definitely last much longer. A properly done roof restoration or roof repairs job can extend the life of a roof by 7-10 years.

What Types of Repairs Needed for A Roof

It depends on the state of the roof. If the roof is very old and lost its shine then it may need a lot of repair work but if it’s relatively new (20-30 years) then only spot fixes might do the work.

Tile Roof Repairs

If it’s a tile roof then the roof may be in need of:

  • Broken Or Damaged Tile Replacement
  • Gutter Cleaning And Replacement
  • Re-painting
  • Re-bedding
  • Re-pointing
  • Re-sealing, Etc.

Metal Roof Repairs

If it’s a metal roof then again, depending on the level of damage, it may need spot repairs (i.e. leak repair) or may be in need for a full replacement as it’s not possible (it can be though but the repair work won’t be pretty or won’t work as well) to simply replace part of a metal roof.

Metal roofs can be repaired as well. However, it may not be as simple or straight forward as the cement or terracotta tile roofs. Metal roofs usually require spot fixes for smaller issues or leaks. But if the damage is too big or the roof has seen its better days then a complete replacement might be needed.

Either way, whether a metal roof is in need of a quick fix or a complete replacement, the wise decision is to contact a metal roof expert and get it fixed. Primary reasons for this are:

  • Climbing On A Metal Roof Is Many Times Riskier Than A Tile Roof
  • Repairing A Metal Roof Isn’t As Simple As A Tile Roof Where You Can Just Replace A Damage Or Broken Tile
  • Replacing A Metal Roof May Need Industrial Equipment Which May Not Be Easier To Hire

Metal roof repairs in most cases is not an easy DIY job. A lot is involved hence it’s always better to hire a professional to metal roof repairs or restoration job. Fortunately, there are quite a few professional roofers to restore roofs in Sydney. The best way to find roofers is searching online. You will get more options to choose from and you can compare different companies.

Cement or Terracotta Tile Roof Repairs

It’s very easy to find if a cement or terracotta roof is in need of a repair. A quick inspection outside the house and inside the attic will point out most of the issues with the roof. For a quick inspection, you should look for:

  • Any Visible Marks
  • Fading Roof Color
  • ‘sandy’ Roof Tile
  • Cracked Tile
  • Have Lichen
  • Have Moss
  • Have Leaks (jump into the attic for any leak tile)

Can I Repair My Own Roof?

The simple answer is yes, but at the same it depends on the type of the roof and how handy you are with DIY projects. It definitely involves some risks as you’ll have to climb on the roof and walk on the roof as well. It gets even harder if your roof is a metal roof and/or your roof is more then 15 degree in pitch.

DIY Roof Repairs

As outlined above, you can certainly do roof repairs on your own. And if you have tile roof then the job gets even easier. If it’s simply fixing and replacing some tiles or re-pointing a few sections then you might be in for an easy ride. But if the roof requires more work, for example, roof paining then there’s a lot more work involve in that.

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