SabuyGarment – Your One-Stop Factory for Top-Quality Custom Shirt Production

SabuyGarment, a comprehensive shirt manufacturing factory, offers a wide range of exquisitely crafted shirts for diverse purposes, from casual and workwear to sports outfits. With their extensive selection of t-shirts, polo shirts, sports shirts, activity shirts, running shirts, employee shirts, cloth bags, worker shirts, embroidery, screen printing, and pattern printing, โรงงานผลิตเสื้อคุณภาพ SabuyGarment is a leading provider of affordable, high-quality custom shirts.

High-Quality Printed Shirts for All Occasions

SabuyGarment takes pride in producing over 1,000 unique printed shirt designs, made with quality fabrics to ensure comfort in various environments, such as fieldwork or special events. Each shirt is crafted to strike that perfect balance between style and functionality.

Stylish Polo Shirts with A Perfect Fit

Catering to both indoor wear and office environments, SabuyGarment also specializes in creating beautiful, perfectly fitting polo shirts. These shirts come with a variety of distinctive, unique patterns to match every individual’s style and preference.

School Shirts and Sports Shirts Designed for Comfort

School uniforms and sports shirts are essential for many students and athletes. SabuyGarment ensures comfort without compromising on style, offering a range of fabrics to choose from for these shirts.

Breathable Running Shirts with AIR FLOW TECHNOLOGY

With an increased focus on athletic wear, SabuyGarment produces running shirts and sports shirts for use in various events. These shirts are crafted with AIR FLOW TECHNOLOGY, enhancing breathability and providing ultimate coolness and comfort when worn.

SabuyGarment – Specialists in Production Techniques

SabuyGarment boasts mastery over a wide range of production techniques, offering versatility in design and manufacturing:

Sublimation Printing – Sublimation, the latest in shirt production technology, permits unlimited design possibilities, resulting in shirts with unique, vibrant designs. This method is ideal for printed shirts, model shirts, running shirts, sports shirts, and event shirts, providing long-lasting color quality.

Computer-Aided Embroidery – For a more premium and meticulous finish, computer-assisted embroidery offers a high-quality, stylish addition to shirts. It’s perfect for fashionable shirts, employee uniforms, and high-grade polo shirts. With advanced digital embroidery machines, designs are precisely executed, enabling the creation of beautiful and intricate embroidery.

Silk Screen Printing – Silk Screen printing is the most popular form of shirt printing in Thailand due to its durability, unique texture, and affordable production costs. This technique is commonly used for producing fashion shirts, distribution shirts, company shirts, employee shirts, worker shirts, and cotton t-shirts.

Rolled DFT Film – This innovative process involves printing Film Sticker sheets and heat-pressing them onto shirts. This method enables quick production, even when the order size is small. With no limitation on the number of colors and the ability to adjust work size and position, the Rolled DFT Film technique is highly flexible, making it popular for ordination shirts and event shirts.

In Conclusion

SabuyGarment’s dedication to quality and the latest production techniques, combined with a focus on customer satisfaction, makes it an ideal choice for all your shirt needs, whether for work, events, or sports activities.

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