Virtual Reality Gaming

Are you bored to death with outdated time-distance 3D world? Wanna be limitless, fearless one enjoying various superpowers throughout unbelievable surreal worlds?! Welcome to the world of VR – limitless world of amazing opportunities, eliminating boundaries of time, distance as well as physical and gravitational.

How To Experience Virtual Reality?

To experience Virtual Reality Games you will need to buy VR equipment and VR games. Or do you? If you are living in Toronto you are in luck. Levelup Reality is VR rental Toronto company offering all types of Virtual Reality entertainment. You can rent VR equipment and games and have a VR experience right in your home. Just as it is your own. You could try different controllers and headsets until you find the ones that suit you most. You can test all the games while renting to choose which one to buy. When renting VR equipment, you can rent any number of headsets so you can play with not just one friend but up to 10 players at once.

The choice of experiences you can have in VR is remarkable: wide variety of games, videos, existential experiences and even socialization activities are available in VR library. And their numbers grow exponentially day in and day out.

Thus, lack of experience in VR or video gaming is not a concern at all. Controllers are really easy and intuitive and in some games you can even do without them. Comes to videos and other type of experiences you can live through here – you won’t need to interfere at all. And yet you’ll find yourself in the very center of unique places, travel in time and space as well as dimensions and all types of real surreal worlds far beyond your imagination. As nothing else in the world so far, VR provides you with unique opportunity to live your wildest dreams through in reality.

There Are A Lot To Choose From

At Levelup Reality they are mainly focused with providing you a widest choice of interactive VR experience which are games in the first place:

Action virtual reality games
Casual games

The list of the games accessible for playing is really impressive. You can see all of them in the catalog.

Experience VR

Beside gaming, you can explore VR through videos and other types of experiences which allow you to dive into virtual worlds without necessity to shoot, oppose or interact in any way with surrounding.

Educational VR

It can actually be educational: wild nature, inside of unreachable objects, micro and macro worlds, outer space, human body and even human brain. Geography, zoology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, astrology and other sciences where never that excitingly entertaining!

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