YouTube Premium Guide GHDTR

What Is YouTube Premium?

With the advancement and innovation of technology, people are seeking ways to avail more and more services on the internet. YouTube premium is one of the most famous services available on the internet. Every teenager or internet user is well aware of it. It offers services like YouTube Apps, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids, and Music.YouTube premium

To avail services from YouTube premium, a user have to pay monthly for subscription and get new features that will help in browsing YouTube.

The term YouTube premium is different from using the features of YouTube. The concept and facility provided are entirely different. If you are unknown with this term, then let us guide you with this feature. YouTube premium was introduced back in October 2018. The concept of Youtube Premium gained popularity within a short span.

YouTube Premium Guide GHDTR

What services YouTube premium offers?

Subscribing to YouTube features does not mean that you cannot browse the regular videos. It is just that you get to have some additional features that will make your YouTube experience easy and fun. And if you want to save on the price for premium, you can buy family Youtube Sharing package in which the whole family can enjoy Youtube Premium for one price.

1. Ad-Free Videos

The most attractive feature YouTube offers that no pop-up ads appear while watching YouTube Videos. That is the worst thing about the ad is that we have to wait for several seconds to watch a video. However, the problem is solved with YouTube premium. Now watch videos without the interruption of the ads.

2. Play Video in Background

It is very irritating to receive a must read notification to watch video on YouTube via mobile devices using YouTube. But with YouTube premium you do not need to do that. It offers background play that means that you could still play the video while working on the other apps. It provides better usability while subscribing the YouTube premium.

3. Save Offline

It is a very cool feature you can avail with YouTube premium. We cannot have access to the internet all time. But online facility should not stop us from watching a video. With YouTube premium offline feature, you can save the videos and add them to the playlist to watch it offline. Isn’t it cool?

4. Google Play Music Free:

If you have subscribed to YouTube premium, then google play music is free. You do not need to pay any money to get access to Google Play Music. It is the best music app for music and offers best features. So with the subscription to YouTube premium you can get unlimited entertainment by Google Play Music free.

5. Access to Original Content

If you don’t want to miss any of your important shows and are eager to watch every single detail, then avail the service of YouTube premium. YouTube premium, allows you to have access to the original content. The user will be updated with the every single. YouTube premium notifies you with all the happenings available on Youtube. Now you will never miss any of your favorite shows. You will get direct access to the original content.

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