What Are Waist High Turnstile Gates?

Waist high turnstiles are one of the most popular entry turnstile. It is installed as an entrance or exit point in a security system. They are used to control the flow of people into and out of a building, or to regulate traffic flow.

Waist High Turnstiles Are Durable

Waist high turnstile have a good appearance and they can be used in any type of environment. They are highly durable, reliable and easy to use. They are available in manual, electric or electronic versions that can be integrated with other security systems like access control and CCTV.

Waist High Turnstiles Benefits

The main advantage of a waist high turnstile is that they do not require any physical contact between the user and the device itself (like a hand on an ID card) for validation. This leads to less wear at the edges of the turnstile as there is no friction from hands rubbing against them like there would be with a handrail, which has led many airports to switch their security systems over from handrails to touchless styles.

The other advantage is that it can be used for multiple purposes, like controlling access and tracking people’s movements in real-time. This is especially useful in situations where there are large crowds of people to monitor, like at concerts or sporting events.

This is because they can be used to track the movement of individuals as well as groups, which gives security personnel more information about what’s happening in their environment.

There is also a better flow of traffic through the turnstile since there is no physical contact required. This means that users are able to move through the device much faster than they would with a handrail and do not have to wait for people in front of them to complete their transaction before moving on.

Who Are Waist High Turnstiles For?

Waist high turnstiles are most commonly used in schools and other public places. They are also a popular choice for airports, train stations and shopping malls.

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