Things To Do At Bangkok Airport During A Layover

Layovers can be exhausting and at times, daunting, but a layover in Bangkok is far from that. Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is well-equipped to keep you entertained, comfortable, and stress-free. With impressive facilities and numerous activities to choose from, you can easily turn a dull waiting period into a mini-adventure.

There are numerous online guides and airport websites that can help you plan your layover, such as The Exclusive Transfer website. You can check out what to do during the BKK layover from their comprehensive guide, which includes everything from the best places to eat and shop to the best attractions to visit. You can even plan your layover and book airport transfers with them. Here are some of our top picks for things to do during a Bangkok layover:

Explore the Shops

Shopping is a great way to pass time during a layover, and Bangkok Airport has plenty to offer in this regard. The airport boasts an excellent selection of duty-free shopping options, catering to various tastes and budgets. With noteworthy brands from around the globe, you can spend hours browsing through:

  • Luxury fashion boutiques
  • Designer perfumes and cosmetics
  • High-quality electronics
  • Delectable chocolates and sweets
  • Traditional Thai souvenirs

Relax and Rejuvenate

Long layovers can be hard on the body. Recharge with a spa treatment or a soothing massage at one of the airport’s relaxation centers. Located throughout the terminal, you can choose from:

  • Traditional Thai massages
  • Foot reflexology
  • Swedish and aromatherapy massages
  • Neck and shoulder massages

Those who prefer a more private and secluded space can unwind at one of the many pay-per-use airport lounge areas. They offer exclusive amenities such as:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Refreshing beverages and snacks
  • Wi-Fi and charging stations
  • Showers for a quick revitalization

Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Savor a delightful meal at one of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s dining establishments. Regardless of your cravings, there’s something for everybody – from fancy, sit-down restaurants to casual eateries. Some options include:

  • Traditional Thai cuisine
  • Western-style fast-food outlets
  • Japanese, Chinese, and Korean delicacies
  • Coffee shops and bakeries for a quick bite
  • Bars and lounges for those seeking to unwind with a drink

Explore Bangkok City

If you have a particularly long layover, why not use it to explore Bangkok City itself? You can:

  • Visit Wat Phra Kaew, the city’s most famous temple, also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.
  • Take a boat ride in Chao Phraya River, experiencing various landmarks firsthand.
  • Explore local markets and shops such as Chatuchak Weekend Market, known for its diverse offerings and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Discover Bangkok’s street food scene, sampling authentic dishes like Tom Yum Goong and Pad Thai.

Remember, you will need a transit visa if you’re planning on leaving the airport and returning for your connecting flight.

Catch Up on Sleep

Catch up on some sleep at the sleep lounges scattered across the airport’s numerous lounges. For a more comfortable experience, the airport is also home to several hotels, such as the Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel and Miracle Transit Hotel. These hotels offer amenities like Wi-Fi, refreshing showers, and in-house dining.

Stay Connected

Thanks to Suvarnabhumi Airport’s free Wi-Fi, catching up on work or streaming your favorite shows is a breeze. With reliable signal strength throughout the terminal, you can work or unwind without any hindrances.

Final Thoughts

Transform your layover at Bangkok Airport into an enjoyable experience. Suvarnabhumi Airport has you covered, whether it’s shopping, dining, immersing yourself in Thai culture, or simply relaxing. Before you know it, you’ll be boarding your next flight, feeling refreshed and satisfied.

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